Performance Description

Abena & The Python
Her Mother Warned Her About Snakes…

Abena, (pronounced Ah-beh-nah) is a beautiful, albeit self-centered young woman who refuses to
listen to her mother’s wisdom. She finds herself in hot water after marrying the man of her dreams.
Unbeknownst to Abena, he is not who he appears to be.
As the tale unfolds, themes of Ghanaian
heritage and culture weave themselves throughout the play.
This Ghanaian folktale was adapted for the stage by Deborah Asante, Artistic Director of the
Asante Children’s Theatre. It is the story of a young girl who decides to ignore her mother’s advice
and the consequences of that decision. African proverbs about life, honor and respect are brought
to life through the gripping dialogue of the production and will leave a lasting effect on all who
pause to listen and consider. Good and evil wizards duke it out and tease the imagination, as
magic spells backfire, changing their fates-forever