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Prep is best suited for youth who may be insecure or are uncomfortable working with others or speaking in public.  Some artists may not be certain if performing is something they want to do.  We offer a chance to get their feet wet without diving completely in. The basics of singing, dance, acting and storytelling are taught as an introduction to the world of performance art.

Prep4Life is now open to all youth, 6 to 14 years of age.  NO AUDITION is required.

Exciting news about the next sessions of Prep4Life!

Prep4Life will be offered virtually to our families FREE of charge from October through December 2020.

Session 1: October 3 – 24
“Words From The Heart, Music From The Soul” This session will focus on creating lyrics that will be turned into a song about living through social and economic injustice.

Session 2: November 7 – December 5

“Words To The Wise, Beats From The Streets” This session, using a hip-hop landscape, will focus on the power of rhythm to help Prepsters create socially conscience raps that express how they feel and cope with the effects of our global pandemic.

Workshops will occur every Saturday and will always include a wellness check, warm-up and activities designed to strengthen confidence and Prepsters’ ability to creatively express themselves.

Spaces are limited, if you are interested please contact TAD@Asantechildrenstheatre.org

The longer a “Prepster” is engaged, the better the results will be.  Prep4Life participation is a great confidence builder.

Welcome to ACT…It brings out the best in you and me.
William and Devon '13

Session updates:

During the Coronavirus pandemic, our primary goal is to protect staff and participants. The October 3rd & November 7th  sessions will be offered virtually. Follow us on social media for updates or check back here.

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Summer Partners

  • We would love to assist you in providing unique fun and educational experiences for youth during the summer months.  Email:  info@asantechildrenstheatre.org